Saturday, March 26, 2011

Real friends & Country Music(: (Vlog -- Week 1/5.)

Alright Idk why I did this, I just had the idea & I figured it might help me through these tough times just to get everything out there. I'll be doing them probably once a week at the end of the week just as an update as to how I'm doing & how things are going with FAB. So this is week one of five, we'll see what happens(:

---& I don't know what I'd do without you; you're my rock, my bestfriend, & my brother(:
--I owe you more than the world, JGP.<3
-That's all; Deucess!(:
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Forget it all. Everything. I'm sorry.

I realized, you're only rude to HER like that. You only act immature on ONE subject. You're really an amazing person, & I'm blessed to have you as my friend(: Maybe others aren't so blessed, but I'm done trying to love for anyone besides myself. You're worth that(: Tonight was amazing, we actually talked & you were supernicee(: I'm starting to think you do care..((: You have NOO idea how happy I am that we're cool again; I can smile!!(: I needed to see you today, after that, I actually was HAPPY. Like, the real kind of happy(: You know what really gives me hope that I won't get hurt again?! The two times we talked, HE came up to ME. I did NOT go up to him. ..maybeeeeeeeee, he missed talking to me, too. That's what gives me hope(: THATTTTTT makes me happy(((((: ♥ Things are back to normal, better, & I've never been happier; don't worry, I know my boundaries now. Nothing like this will ever happen again, I pray to god!! So I'm good, recovered - I'm back(: Time for bed; iloveyou♥ ---Solo went GREAT tonight(: --"Everybody now!" Was amazingly funny(: made my night..actually..something ELSE made my night..(; ♥ -This is my life, as Bonnie(:
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

How is it possible to hate someone SO MUCH & yet you can't go a day without seeing their face or hearing their voice?

I haaatee you. You piss me off EVERY DAY. You act immature, you're rude, & your sarcasm is a little overdrawn. But dealing with all that just to be around you is more than worth it. When I avoid you, or I'm mad at you & we dont talk, my day sucks & I don't smile at all.
But when I talk to you, & bring myself to deal with what a pain in the butt you are, my days amazing.
You got me right where you want me.
- You don't really care if we're friends or not, it doesn't affect you if I don't talk to you, you're fine. Which means when I'm mad at you, I'm the only one suffering.
- No matter how rude you are, I deal with you because its 200 times worse to deal without you.
- I could never stay mad at you for long, because the only person I'm hurting is myself, & I can't bare go a day without talking to you.

So today was the worst day of my life. I'm never getting mad at you again.

---Sidenote; Saturday night I have a concert, & I'M PLAYING MY SOLO FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A PERFORMANCE((: We'll see how it goes!(:
--Life as a teenage girl is so hard. Fml.
-This is my life, as Bonniee.
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JUUUST what I thought. I wish I didn't do this to myself. Ugh.

So I was wasnt a legit reason. I knew the real one from the start. & as you can see, the post saying how much I trusted you & needed you is gone. I won't make that mistake twice. Girls - your heart doesn't belong on your sleeve. Let me explain:
If your heart isn't in your chest, you lose your bloodflow, & eventually you become numb. Especially if someone takes advantage of your vulnerability. (This isn't only for relationships, I learned this from a 'friendship.') Once you lie to me, I'm out. That's it for me. & you lied to me more times than I can count.
"Friends turn into fakes; come real, or don't come at all." - MM.
I knew it wasn't healthy for me to be so dependent..but I do this to myself, everytime. Guess I finally learned my lesson. But then again probably not.
Ugh. Fml.

- TayLee;
--This is my life, as Bonnie.
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