Friday, February 25, 2011

So today on Facebook...

So today on Facebook, I saw this like: 
7 signs your falling in love*
7. You"ll read their txts over and over again
6. You"ll walk really really slow while youre with them
5. They becomes all you think about
4. You"ll get high just by their smell
3. You"ll realize that you"re always smiling, when you think about them
2. You"ll do anything for them
1. While reading this, there was one person on your mind the whole time
Well, this is for sure true(: There is a guy I love that fits every crevice of this description.
No, we don't go out. No, I don't wish we did. Yes, I love him with all of my heart, & then some, but there's no romance there. I love being around him. I love him. All I want from HIM is to stay in my life. More than that, I wish he be happy above all else. So if he decided he didn't want to be in my life anymore, I'd be content with his decision, because it'd make him happy. & As long as he is happy, I know I'll be perfectly fine. (You know what else? I think our feelings are mutual..ALL of them. ((: ) 
Yeah, I saw him. Yeah, I walked to 6th period with him. Yeah, I talked to him 3rd period. Yeah, I smiled ALL of 5th period, which I have with him. Yeah, we wrote notes to eachother. That's all it takes to make my day incomparably amazing So HELL yes, my day was perfect(: Thanks for being the best friend in the whole widee world, Jaydennn(; 

---Thank you. For everything. For keeping me alive(: LoveeYouuuu(: 
--As for you, Mr. Blog, I'll talk to you tomorrow & let you know how Solo & Ensemble went!(: 
-This is my life - As Bonnie(: 

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