Sunday, February 27, 2011


So I walked in to the audition room, & me & the judge talked for a little bit. He asked me how long I've been in the Austin area, I said I just moved here this year. He asked me if I liked it, I said yes, very much. He told me he was glad to have me & asked where I came from, I said Stephenville. He didn't know where that was, so I told him it was kind of by Dallas. Then he told me I could play(:
I sat down, my piano accompaniment was ready.
I started the first movement strong, which was great! Then my fingers moved a little too fast on a few of the runs & I missed some notes. The ending was terrible. I missed the entire last measure & couldn't catch up with the piano until the last note. Ugh. Then I played the second movement.
At this point, I already knew I had made a three. So I tried to save myself on the second one. I played it well, but I've played it better. A lot better. Same issue about fast fingers, one a few notes. Dynamics were good throughout the whole piece. I didn't miss the ending, which was good. On one note in the middle section, I missed the register key so it came out a low note. But other than that, I didn't completely BUTCHER that one.
So now I'm done playing, feeling awful about my performance, but knowing I can't change it. He tells me that I have a good tone quality for my age, my concept of tone & dynamics are good for where I'm at. I'm a very good young clarinetist, but I could get better by listening & watching others. He told me the tempo was too slow on the second movement, which I knew. He said I had great preparation. & then he asked me how I thought I did. I said that I usually play it a whole lot better than that. & I told him how I was nervous, & everything I messed up on that I usually get. & he asked if I knew why I did those things, & I said because I was nervous? & he said no, because you didn't take in enough air! When a person is drowning, why do they drown?! Because they don't have enough air, so they panic. You panicked because you didn't have enough air for that long phrase. & I was just nodding my head the whole time. I had never thought of it that way before. & then he told me my dress was pretty, & that I could leave(:
I was thinking, Ohkay, yo. I just made a three, when I could have easily made a one. But I just let it go & went to go eat some lunch. Then results came up.
I couldn't believe it. Hahah(:
So I got a division one, AS A FRESHMAN, I lettered in band & will he getting my jacket soon, AS A FRESHMAN, & I'm third chair, behind two juniors, in front of 2 seniors, a freshman, a junior, & a sophomore, AS A FRESHMAN. I think my year is going pretty damn well(:
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