Sunday, August 15, 2010

You don't miss me, you don't care..but why can't I let it end like that?!

I understand, we weren't best buddies, but what you said when I told you I was moving, kinda made me think you'd miss me!! &so, when I text you, asking you if you're "busy" you don't even have a spare second to reply with "yes"?! I mean, at least that way I'm being LIED TO, not IGNORED!! Yeaaaah, you must REALLY miss me. Well, take this - I MISS YOU. Ohkay?! I TAKE that spare minute out of my day to text you, because I care&I wanna talk to you!! But you don't care&you don't miss me. So I guess I read your promise wrong. You said you'd keep in touch&keep me updated on all the drama goin' around&you'd call me often, because you wanted to stay friends. You told me STRAIGHT UP,*&I quote*, "I'm gonna miss you so much." So this is my fault, I read that completely wrong. I read that as if you were real. But you're not. You're completely fake. You manipulate people to get what you want,&once they can't SERVE you anymore, you drop 'em like that. Well, sweetheart, I hit that floor HARD. &so I hope you're happy; you've given me hell over this. This was going to be hard anyways, but I thought maybe I'd have some support from you..I guess that's my fault too. So don't bother, I don't care anymore. But I DON'T appreciate the falsity from the beginning. I'm done wasting my energy on your approval. It doesn't matter, you're a barbie anyways. You'll find your Ken,&man do I feel sorry for HIM. This is gonna be better for me, in the end. I don't need YOU. Preeeetty soon, you WILL run out of friends. So now you wanna text me?! But you didn't need me then, so why now all of a sudden? I'm not your plan B, honey! I'm a living, BREATHING person, who deserves to be surrounded by better than you.
I'm done.
It's done.
We're done.
You've done enough.
If I see you next to me on the freeway in a few years, or in the dorm beside me at college, you'll just be a piece of furniture, a fixture. You'll just be another Jane Doe, until you make the effort to change that. &if you never do, I missed out on nothing.

Make you feel better? Ohhh goood.

--"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something." - Eminem.

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  1. I'm glad you got that out of your system. They don't deserve you because you are o.s.f.m. ;)