Friday, August 20, 2010

I thought men were supposed to be the noble, strong ones?!

How could you have the NERVE to do that to my BEST friend?! You lead her on, you tell her you like her,&then you have an effing GIRLFRIEND?! What is that?! WHAT IS THAT?!
You're just a WLW!! Wimp lacking in WIENER!! I don't wanna see your face anywhere around her again, you understand?! LEAVE HER ALONE! You've put her through ENOUGH! You make me sick, you jerkkkk!!  Leave all these poor girls alone, you understand?! YOU'RE AN ASS!!! Kaay? Thaanks.(:

--"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something." - Eminem.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

You don't miss me, you don't care..but why can't I let it end like that?!

I understand, we weren't best buddies, but what you said when I told you I was moving, kinda made me think you'd miss me!! &so, when I text you, asking you if you're "busy" you don't even have a spare second to reply with "yes"?! I mean, at least that way I'm being LIED TO, not IGNORED!! Yeaaaah, you must REALLY miss me. Well, take this - I MISS YOU. Ohkay?! I TAKE that spare minute out of my day to text you, because I care&I wanna talk to you!! But you don't care&you don't miss me. So I guess I read your promise wrong. You said you'd keep in touch&keep me updated on all the drama goin' around&you'd call me often, because you wanted to stay friends. You told me STRAIGHT UP,*&I quote*, "I'm gonna miss you so much." So this is my fault, I read that completely wrong. I read that as if you were real. But you're not. You're completely fake. You manipulate people to get what you want,&once they can't SERVE you anymore, you drop 'em like that. Well, sweetheart, I hit that floor HARD. &so I hope you're happy; you've given me hell over this. This was going to be hard anyways, but I thought maybe I'd have some support from you..I guess that's my fault too. So don't bother, I don't care anymore. But I DON'T appreciate the falsity from the beginning. I'm done wasting my energy on your approval. It doesn't matter, you're a barbie anyways. You'll find your Ken,&man do I feel sorry for HIM. This is gonna be better for me, in the end. I don't need YOU. Preeeetty soon, you WILL run out of friends. So now you wanna text me?! But you didn't need me then, so why now all of a sudden? I'm not your plan B, honey! I'm a living, BREATHING person, who deserves to be surrounded by better than you.
I'm done.
It's done.
We're done.
You've done enough.
If I see you next to me on the freeway in a few years, or in the dorm beside me at college, you'll just be a piece of furniture, a fixture. You'll just be another Jane Doe, until you make the effort to change that. &if you never do, I missed out on nothing.

Make you feel better? Ohhh goood.

--"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something." - Eminem.