Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yesterday [June 12th, 2010] was..umm..yeah.

So yesterday, as I told you the night before, I went plum picking&jam-making with Eva.
Yeah. So, like, we had picked the plums&were making the first batch, which was jelly. We had made it, finished it,&were pouring it into the jars. The first jar went swell!(: The Second jar..well..Eva was holding the hot jar *they were hot because they had been in the oven to keep them sterile* with some hot pads,&I had poured in the jam&she was putting the lid on it, which was also hot, so she was using a hot pad for that too. She started to screw on the lid, applying pressure to something made of glass hanging over a sink..while holding the glass object with cloth, padded hot pads. &so she dropped it, with the scolding jam in it,&it hit the side bar that connects the sink to the cabinet you know? Like the thin piece of counter in front of the sink. It hit that, bounced backwards, bounced again forwards,&slung hot, scolding, jam onto Eva's poor face. &so she had this SCOLDING jam, or jelly, actually, on her face. Two seconds after the jelly HIT her face, the skin like..peeled off&was already blistered. It was bad. So she ran to go tell her mom&we ended up taking her to a hospital in this small town. She was in there for maybe 30 minutes,&came out with neosporin all over her face. She said that she always HAS to have it on there until it heals up,&that the doctors said that it was a 3rd degree burn..&so after all of that, when we got back to her house..she STILL wanted to finish the dang jam!! I&her mom insisted that she get some rest, because it had been a LONG day,&she needed to sleep..she was talking NON-STOP to keep herself awake. &since her dad had to go to Stephenville to get her prescription strength neosporin&decided to take me home when they went. So, after all that, I got a jar of some freaking SICK jelly,&ended up forgetting it on her kitchen table.(:

Long day..scary day..good day..&in hindsight, I'm very glad I went to pick plums. Lol.(:

Love you, Evaa!!(:

--MUCH love!

--"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something." - Eminem.

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