Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So..Guess what. I'm a moody, normal, happy teenage girl whose best friend lives about 4 hours away; perfect.(:

My name is Taylor. You can probably see that on the side bar.. but whatever. I'm an upfront person. I have a bestie; his name is Jason. He listens to my problems when no one else will..&when his are bigger&badder than mine. I couldn't ever ask for a better BFF. Too bad, we live four hours the least..*he knows what I mean..*

My other friends here are great, too, but they don't care about my problems, because they have none. Which is great! That's great for teenagers!! The ideal life, actually. But it's nice talking to someone else who has them..because I don't feel like I'm making myself the center of attention, because he doesn't have the picture perfect lifestyle, either. &it can be a good thing that he lives a long way away..because stuff that I can't talk to my friends about because they'll be involved or something I can always tell him; he knows every single facet of my life. &that's good. It's nice to have someone that you can tell stuff to that is just an outsider looking in&won't interfere. He's always been there for me, &I'm hoping he always will be. I need that.(:

School; made straight As all year. Nerd. But it's not hard, where I live, I guess. I do work hard, but it's mainly raw smarts. I rarely ever study for tests, because I usually have it all down anyways. &sports? I played volleyball&basketball&did track, but didn't really do very good in track season, so I was manager. But I really don't care, because my coach is amazing. She's fun to be around&always pushed us to our full potential. She made us feel like crap about ourselves&knew just what to say to make us want to run a 100 in under 15 seconds. Even if it was that we were uncoachable. She made us want to prove her wrong; we were always looking for her approval. &so, we did a whole lot better than with disgusting Steen..our coach from last year, who made out with her REPULSIVE boyfriend at sixflags&had a daughter that she backed up no matter what..even when she stole from her mom's athletes. But my awesome coach is's good that I had her my last year of athletics.(: Go have fun&coach with your highschool coach!! We love you&will never forget the coach that made us a team.(:

Church; went to church EVERY sunday when we lived in my old town..but then we moved to this one, WHICH I LOVE, &never really got initiated into a church family. But we think we've found one now, &even though it's not ideal, the people love us to their core. That's good.(:

Boys; ehh. I like being single. Freedom is bliss. Hahaha. No, that's SO not the reason I'm single. I'm single because no guy has ever asked me out..&that's ohkay. Because I really don't mind being single. Haha. My best friend&friends are all I need to be perfectly content!(: I won't reject you if I haven't even met you, but I enjoy the single life.

Family; mom&dad happily married for 15years. Two sisters; Amanda *has one daughter with my brother in law, John* &Erin *has two boys, Shelby&Atticus with her ex*. Home is good. Family time is ohkay. In my room alone watching CSI: Miami is MUCH better..friends? Even better.(: I hang out with my sisters because I love them, plus I need out of this house every once in a while, you know?!

Pets; I have four dogs -- Nestle *she's an 8year-old chocolate lab that's FAT* Dot *6year old Corgi that thinks he runs the place..&he's like a foot off the ground* Molly *4year old anorexic (not really..but she's REALLY matter how much we feed her..) neurotic short-haired border collie, but we love her!(:* &Saydee *8months old, as of now,&is a ball of fire. She's half anatolian sheperd&half border collie.*

-I talk to Jason almost everyday..something's up if we don't at least exchange texts off&on.
-I stay up late&sleep in late.
-My favorite quotes are from Eminem. *"I shoot for the moon, but I'm too busy gazin' at stars." (hence the URL) & "Haters can make like bees with no stingers&drop dead."
-I love food..which would explain why I'm fat. Lol.(:
-I'm a little pushy..&might be a tad bipolar. Lol. I don't know yet.
-I love gets out all that CRAP I keep bottled inside..*but I do tell all of this to Jason..of course. Lol.*
-That chick's weave looked like ketchup. **inside joke..LOL.**

--Sincerely, your best friend.

"Haters can make like bees with no stingers&drop dead." -- Eminem.(:

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