Friday, June 11, 2010

My Life; June 11th, 2010; 11:30pm.

Sign in at 11:30, finished post at 11:41.

So here I am, not able to sleep, writing another post after the music one.
For some reason, I like talking to this thingg; it gets stuff out..with OUT hurting people.(:

Been having some small drama problems lately, nothing I can't handle. But some people really DO need to establish a higher temper.
Ummmm; Jason is still on vacation, so no phoneage until the 17th..): Hahaha; it's ohkay. We text.
June is pretty boring for me, but I will be writing more as of July. I will be on vacation&will have more exciting things to talk about.(:
I'm not even sure if anyone reads this thing..but if you do, thanks, I guess. It's more like a diary than anything. But one that people can read..I'm cool with that.(:
Going plum picking with Eva tomorrow. You guys don't know about Eva; she's my band friend.(: We are picking plums&then making Jam..which is TOTALLY an Eva type thing to do.(: BUT I shall come home with many jars of good jam..just what I that will make me fatter. Lol. It's ohkay; my fat is my friendd.(:

Well, in order to pick plums I gotta get up pretty early, at least for Summer's early. So..I'mma peace out.

Much love,

--"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something." - Eminem.

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