Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home again, home again!

Had one freaking amazing week with my sister; like I seriously had the time of my life.
We played Bunco one night with all her girlfriends..&then talked about the backstabbers&why we didn't like them on the way home. &then we was the best night of my life. Hahaha.

We also watched a movie like..every night; one night we watched 'Legion'..If you're not a scary movie type person..STAY AWAY. I'm serious, you guys. I almost peed myself..a lot. I didn't think it was like a scary movie! I thought it was like..not a documentary, but kind of like 'The Road', just much darker..well Much darker was a HUGE understatement. Seriously..not knowing that that was what the movie was thinking it was something totally harmless, I had nightmares. Hahaha.
We also watched 'Post Grad' which was cutee!! I'm glad he got the girl!(: He deserved her..I mean..he'd been practically throwing himself at her for the past..ever. &she never really noticed him. So..all's well that ends well.(: 
We watched 'When In Rome' was cute, but the predictable plot&story line..You knew how the movie was going to end after 2 minutes of the movie.
We also watched 'The Road', 'Percy Jackson', & the first hour of 'The Box'..don't watch the box. It was TERRIBLE. We couldn't stand it after an hour..&then after that, the plot line is EVERYWHERE. I don't recommend ALL. 
&Then tonight, I went with my friend&had dinner&we went&saw Toy Story 3..It. Was. AWESOME. 

I'm sorry I haven't written in so long! I'm sorryy!!

The only things I bought while with my sister were eyeliner for me, facewash for me, deoderant for me,..&that's all for me. Lol. Now, you're right, that's NOT $60 worth. I spent the rest on my sister's birthday presents&my Daddy's fathers' day presents. I got Daddy 3 books..I think he'll like them..he didn't seem too opposed to the idea when he got them..he loves reading. &I got my sister a set of 4 pairs of earings, a pocket mirror, reusable icecubes, a keyring, &a hair-tie the rubberband balls..but it's made of 60 HAIR TIES!! Super cool..I wanted one for myself. Lol. 

I had the time of my life..&as a result, I am going back in less than a month!!(: Yay! My sister loved having me, thank God, because I had a BLAST!!(: I can't wait to go back&play BUNCO again!!
Again; stay tuned for the HIGHLIGHTS!

So, clever figured out my highlights!! Hahaha. It's about time, dude! I put it pretty DARNED obvious this time! Hahha. Congratulations! I have 'highlights' on another post too..go find it!(: I hope you like your CSI: Miami&that is where you learned this..because that's where I learned it!! Have a good day! I'm happy with myself.(: 

--Much love,

--"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something." - Eminem.

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