Tuesday, June 29, 2010




--Much love,

--"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something."

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Home again, home again!

Had one freaking amazing week with my sister; like I seriously had the time of my life.
We played Bunco one night with all her girlfriends..&then talked about the backstabbers&why we didn't like them on the way home. &then we chilled..it was the best night of my life. Hahaha.

We also watched a movie like..every night; one night we watched 'Legion'..If you're not a scary movie type person..STAY AWAY. I'm serious, you guys. I almost peed myself..a lot. I didn't think it was like a scary movie! I thought it was like..not a documentary, but kind of like 'The Road', just much darker..well Much darker was a HUGE understatement. Seriously..not knowing that that was what the movie was thinking it was something totally harmless, I had nightmares. Hahaha.
We also watched 'Post Grad' which was cutee!! I'm glad he got the girl!(: He deserved her..I mean..he'd been practically throwing himself at her for the past..ever. &she never really noticed him. So..all's well that ends well.(: 
We watched 'When In Rome' too..it was cute, but the predictable plot&story line..You knew how the movie was going to end after 2 minutes of the movie.
We also watched 'The Road', 'Percy Jackson', & the first hour of 'The Box'..don't watch the box. It was TERRIBLE. We couldn't stand it after an hour..&then after that, the plot line is EVERYWHERE. I don't recommend it..at ALL. 
&Then tonight, I went with my friend&had dinner&we went&saw Toy Story 3..It. Was. AWESOME. 

I'm sorry I haven't written in so long! I'm sorryy!!

The only things I bought while with my sister were eyeliner for me, facewash for me, deoderant for me,..&that's all for me. Lol. Now, you're right, that's NOT $60 worth. I spent the rest on my sister's birthday presents&my Daddy's fathers' day presents. I got Daddy 3 books..I think he'll like them..he didn't seem too opposed to the idea when he got them..he loves reading. &I got my sister a set of 4 pairs of earings, a pocket mirror, reusable icecubes, a keyring, &a hair-tie ball..you know..like the rubberband balls..but it's made of 60 HAIR TIES!! Super cool..I wanted one for myself. Lol. 

I had the time of my life..&as a result, I am going back in less than a month!!(: Yay! My sister loved having me, thank God, because I had a BLAST!!(: I can't wait to go back&play BUNCO again!!
Again; stay tuned for the HIGHLIGHTS!

So, clever one..you figured out my highlights!! Hahaha. It's about time, dude! I put it pretty DARNED obvious this time! Hahha. Congratulations! I have 'highlights' on another post too..go find it!(: I hope you like your CSI: Miami&that is where you learned this..because that's where I learned it!! Have a good day! I'm happy with myself.(: 

--Much love,

--"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something." - Eminem.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Immediate vacation plans;;

So in a few weeks I'm going to hang with my sister for like a weekk!!&I'm mucho excited!(:
I'm excited!!
That's all!!

--Much Love.

--"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something." - Eminem.

My Life; June 13th, 2010; 9:13pm

Sign in at 9:13 :: Finished post at 10:01
BORED. Have to clean my room..ugh. Haha. It'll be cool, though. Won't take me more than like..20 minutes. &my bathroom? Like..5, MAYBE. Haha. I shouldn't be whining! It's really easy. But I just don't want to.. Haha. So I recently rewatched The Hangover on my iPod today...&you probably knew I liked it by the bits at the bottom of the screen.(: Here are my very favorite quotes!!

Old Man: Sweeeet ride!!
Alan: Don't touch it. Don't even look at it. Go on. Don't look at me either. I'm not afraid to beat an old man in public. 
Alan: *Trips over Phil coming out of the bathroom* OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD.
Phil: What the he**, man?!
Alan: Phil! Don't go in there! There is a tiger in the bathroom! There is a JUNGLE CAT in the bathroom!
Phil: Ohkay, ohkay. I'll check it out, just calm down. Calm down. &Put some pants on will ya? *Checks bathroom* *Tiger growls* OH SH**, HE'S NOT KIDDING! There's a f***ing TIGER in there! 
Stu: No there's not...
Alan: Yes there is! There's a tiger in our bathroom! 
Phil: Alright! Calm down, now let's just sit for a second&we'll figure out something! &ALAN, PUT SOME PANTS ON, PLEASE! I find it strange I have to ask twice! 
Alan: *just got to Vegas&they're on the roof* I'd like to..say something..that I've prepared. *Clears throat* How 'bout that ride in, huh? I guess that's why they call it sin-city. Huhuh. You guys may not know this, but I think of myself as a bit of a loner. I tend to think of myself..as a one-man-wolfpack. But when my sister brought Doug Home, I knew he was one of my own. &my wolfpack..it grew by one. So, were, there were, there were two of us in the pack. I was alone in the pack, first,&then Doug joined in later. &then, 6 months ago, when Doug introduced me to you guys, I thought, "Wait a second, could it be?" &now I know for sure, I just added two more guys to my wolfpack. Four of us wolves, running around the desert together, in Las Vegas, looking for strippers&cocaine. 
Stu: *Singing while the tiger in the bathroom falls asleep as the effect of some roofies given in raw steak so they could return the tiger to Tyson's house* What do tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze? Do they dream of mauling zebras, or Halle Berry in her catwoman suit? Don't you worry your pretty striped head, we're gonna get you back to Tyson&your cozy tiger bed. &then we're gonna find our best friend Doug&then we're gonna give him a best-friend-hug. Doug, Doug, Ooh, Doug, Dougie, Dougie, Doug, Doug... But if he's been murdered by crystal meth tweekeeerrrss..well then we're sh** outta luck..
Stu: Yeah, Phil, how am I supposed to calm down when I mairied a WHO*E?! 
Melissa: I just wish your friends were as mature as you, you know?
Stu: They are mature you just have to get to know them a little bit better...
Phil: *Outside from car when picking up Stu* PAGING DOCTOR FA**OT! ....DOCTOR FAAA**OT!!
Stu: ..maybe I..I should probably go..
Melissa: Yeah, that's a good idea Doctor Fa**ot. 
Cop: *in a seminar with children learning about the police station, where the guys are getting tazed so they can be set free that day&make it to the wedding* Come here, handsome, your turn. *Alan starts walking over* No, NOT YOU, Fat Jesus!
Alan: You guys ready to let the dogs out?! 
Stu, Phil, &Doug: ..what?!
Alan: You know..like the song? Who let the dogs out, who who! *while shifting his weight to different feet as an informal dance*
Jade (Stu's wife that he marries in Vegas): Come on in, I have to feed Tyler! (The baby they found in their closet) 
Alan: ...did you hear that, Phil? ..the baby's name is Tyler.. *frowns&slumps head*
Phil: Yeah, I thought he looked more like a Carlos, too, bud... 
Alan: (While they are at the school picking up Phil) Gah..do you have to park so close?! 
Doug: Yeah, why? 
Alan: I'm not supposed to be here.. I'm not allowed within 200 feet of a school..or a Chuck-E-Cheese...
Phil's answering machine: Hey, it's Phil. Leave me a message, or don't.. Just do me a favor: don't text me. It's gay. 
Stu: Why are you peppering the steak?! You don't even know if tigers like pepper!
Alan: Tigers love pepper. They hate cinnamon. 
Phil: You're not really wearing that, are you?!
Alan: Wear what?
Phil: The man purse. Are you really wearing that or are you guys just f***ing with me?! 
Alan: It's where I keep all my things. I get a lot of compliments on this thing! &it's not a purse it's a satchel... Indiana Jones has one...
Phil: So does Joy Behar. 
Alan: Do you know if this hotel is pager-friendly? 
Lisa (lady at front desk of Ceaser's palace): Whatta you mean?
Alan: I'm not getting a sig' on my beeper. 
Lisa: Oh..I'm not sure. 
Alan: Is there a payphone bank? Buncha payphones? Business. 
Lisa: There's a phone in your room...? 
Alan: *Nods, thinkingly* That'll work...
Mr. Chow: Hahaha! It's funny because he's fat!
Stu: Are you sure you're qualified to be taking care of a BABY?!
Alan: What are you talking about? I've found a baby before! 
Stu: You've found a BABY before?! Where?!
Alan: Coffee Bean. 
Alan: Can I ask another question?
Lisa: Sure.
Alan: You probably get this a lot..is this the real Ceaser's palace?
Lisa: Whaddoo you mean?
Alan: Did umm..did Ceaser..live here? 
Lisa: Umm, no. 
Alan: *Looks around nodding* ...didn't think so..
Doug: Either way, you gotta be really smart to count cards, ohkay, buddy?
Alan: Oh really? Well why don't we tell that to RainMan because he practically bankrupted a casino&he was a ruh-tard.
Phil: A what?
Alan: He was a ruh-tard!
Doug: ...REtard, Alan. 
Alan: *At wedding alter* How's my hair look?
Stu: Good.
Alan: Does it look like Phil's?
Stu: ..classic Phil. 
Phil: God DA**IT!
Alan: Gosh darn it!
Phil: Sh**!
Alan: SHOOT!
Stu: Oh, SH**! She has my grandmother's holocaust ring!!
Alan: I didn't know they gave out rings during the holocaust...
Alan: What if Doug's dead? I can't afford to lose someone close to me again... It was so hard when my grandad died...
Phil: Oh, dude, I'm sorry, how'd he die?
Alan: World War II
Phil: Oh, in battle?
Alan: No, skiing in Vermont. It was just during World War II...
Phil: Who's f***ing baby is that?!
Stu: Alan, are you sure you didn't see anyone else in the suite?
Alan: Yeah, I checked all the rooms! No one's here..check it's..collar or something..
Alan: Phil, what's that on your arm?!
Stu: Oh my god, Phil! You were in the hospital last night!
Alan: Oh my god, Phil! Are you ohkay?!
Phil: *over intercom of stolen squad car* Excuse me, ma'am in the leopard dress -- you have an amazing rack! ... I should've been a f***ing cop! 
&that's it!
I love this movie! Hahaha. I always laugh... So here it is. All the HILARIOUS quotes!(:

New Shirtt!!(: SICK.

So, today..I got a new shirt!! SWEET.
&It has a picture of all four Beatles!!(: It sayss "THE BEATLES" &and is like newsprint&and then has like..the four picturess&and then underneath that it says "LET IT BE" like newsprint&and it's just awesome..I'll post a picture!(:

Will post an entry for tonightt!(:
Stay tuned for the highlights!!

You Can bet I'm excited to do this trick thing&and see who all understands it! If you watch CSI: Miami regularly, you should know what "Stay tuned for the highlights!!" means..Hahaha. Congratulations if you got this!(: Very smart!(: Cleverr! 

--Much lovee!(:
-Tayydaa.(: {AKA :: Fat Jesus}

--"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something." - Eminem.

Yesterday [June 12th, 2010] was..umm..yeah.

So yesterday, as I told you the night before, I went plum picking&jam-making with Eva.
Yeah. So, like, we had picked the plums&were making the first batch, which was jelly. We had made it, finished it,&were pouring it into the jars. The first jar went swell!(: The Second jar..well..Eva was holding the hot jar *they were hot because they had been in the oven to keep them sterile* with some hot pads,&I had poured in the jam&she was putting the lid on it, which was also hot, so she was using a hot pad for that too. She started to screw on the lid, applying pressure to something made of glass hanging over a sink..while holding the glass object with cloth, padded hot pads. &so she dropped it, with the scolding jam in it,&it hit the side bar that connects the sink to the cabinet you know? Like the thin piece of counter in front of the sink. It hit that, bounced backwards, bounced again forwards,&slung hot, scolding, jam onto Eva's poor face. &so she had this SCOLDING jam, or jelly, actually, on her face. Two seconds after the jelly HIT her face, the skin like..peeled off&was already blistered. It was bad. So she ran to go tell her mom&we ended up taking her to a hospital in this small town. She was in there for maybe 30 minutes,&came out with neosporin all over her face. She said that she always HAS to have it on there until it heals up,&that the doctors said that it was a 3rd degree burn..&so after all of that, when we got back to her house..she STILL wanted to finish the dang jam!! I&her mom insisted that she get some rest, because it had been a LONG day,&she needed to sleep..she was talking NON-STOP to keep herself awake. &since her dad had to go to Stephenville to get her prescription strength neosporin&decided to take me home when they went. So, after all that, I got a jar of some freaking SICK jelly,&ended up forgetting it on her kitchen table.(:

Long day..fun day..scary day..good day..&in hindsight, I'm very glad I went to pick plums. Lol.(:

Love you, Evaa!!(:

--MUCH love!

--"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something." - Eminem.

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Life; June 11th, 2010; 11:30pm.

Sign in at 11:30, finished post at 11:41.

So here I am, not able to sleep, writing another post after the music one.
For some reason, I like talking to this thingg; it gets stuff out..with OUT hurting people.(:

Been having some small drama problems lately, nothing I can't handle. But some people really DO need to establish a higher temper.
Ummmm; Jason is still on vacation, so no phoneage until the 17th..): Hahaha; it's ohkay. We text.
June is pretty boring for me, but I will be writing more as of July. I will be on vacation&will have more exciting things to talk about.(:
I'm not even sure if anyone reads this thing..but if you do, thanks, I guess. It's more like a diary than anything. But one that people can read..I'm cool with that.(:
Going plum picking with Eva tomorrow. You guys don't know about Eva; she's my band friend.(: We are picking plums&then making Jam..which is TOTALLY an Eva type thing to do.(: BUT I shall come home with many jars of good jam..just what I need..food that will make me fatter. Lol. It's ohkay; my fat is my friendd.(:

Well, in order to pick plums I gotta get up pretty early, at least for Summer's early. So..I'mma peace out.

Much love,

--"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something." - Eminem.

My Favorite songs right now&whyy;;

So my favorite songs as of right now *June 11th, 2010* are any normal ones for a teenage girl; much of Justin Bieber.(: Here they are, 1-10, going from least to most favorite.(: NOW -- number 10 isn't one that I don't like, it's just number 10 on my favorites list.(:

10) Misery Business by Paramore*I know it's old, but it's REEEAAALLYYY good.(:* 
9) Get Buck in Here by DJ Felli Fell&some other sick rappers.(: *I know it's old, too, kind of. &bad..but I love it. Lol.*
8) U Smile by Justin Bieber *It's so sweet..&I love him.(:* 
7) SHOTS by LMFAO *I know it's bad too, but it's MEGA-CATCHY.*
6) The Only Exception by Paramore *It's SO SWEET. &I love everything Paramore comes out with!(: *
5) Forever Young by Jay-Z&Mr. Hudson *I just like it..idk. It's cool. Hahaha; &Everyone wants to be forever young.(: * 
4) According to You by Orianthi *Because basically, it's very catchy&head-bangy, plus it represents a strong woman..like me.(:*
3) California Gurls by Katy Perry&Snoop Dogg *Idk; catchy? Lol. I just like it.* 
2) Not Afraid by Eminem *Because it's a very catchy Rap, I love everything the king does, &it's about Eminem getting for real CLEAN. No more relapses.(:*
1) Never Say Never by Justin Bieber&Jaden Smith *BEST RUNNING SONG ON THIS PLANET. It is awesome! Hahaha; Jaden Smith is one sweet rapperr.(:* 

Soo..these are my songs that I love.(: 
Justin Bieber is the man of my dreams..but then I wake up.(: 
&Eminem is the flat out KING of rap..so don't hate..because "Haters can make like bees with no stingers&drop dead." Lol. Thats an Eminem quote, so...

Thanks so much for reading.
Much love, Taylor!(:

--"You have enemies? Good. That means you stood up for something." - Eminem.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So..Guess what. I'm a moody, normal, happy teenage girl whose best friend lives about 4 hours away; perfect.(:

My name is Taylor. You can probably see that on the side bar.. but whatever. I'm an upfront person. I have a bestie; his name is Jason. He listens to my problems when no one else will..&when his are bigger&badder than mine. I couldn't ever ask for a better BFF. Too bad, we live four hours apart..at the least..*he knows what I mean..*

My other friends here are great, too, but they don't care about my problems, because they have none. Which is great! That's great for teenagers!! The ideal life, actually. But it's nice talking to someone else who has them..because I don't feel like I'm making myself the center of attention, because he doesn't have the picture perfect lifestyle, either. &it can be a good thing that he lives a long way away..because stuff that I can't talk to my friends about because they'll be involved or something I can always tell him; he knows every single facet of my life. &that's good. It's nice to have someone that you can tell stuff to that is just an outsider looking in&won't interfere. He's always been there for me, &I'm hoping he always will be. I need that.(:

School; made straight As all year. Nerd. But it's not hard, where I live, I guess. I do work hard, but it's mainly raw smarts. I rarely ever study for tests, because I usually have it all down anyways. &sports? I played volleyball&basketball&did track, but didn't really do very good in track season, so I was manager. But I really don't care, because my coach is amazing. She's fun to be around&always pushed us to our full potential. She made us feel like crap about ourselves&knew just what to say to make us want to run a 100 in under 15 seconds. Even if it was that we were uncoachable. She made us want to prove her wrong; we were always looking for her approval. &so, we did a whole lot better than with disgusting Steen..our coach from last year, who made out with her REPULSIVE boyfriend at sixflags&had a daughter that she backed up no matter what..even when she stole from her mom's athletes. But my awesome coach is leaving..it's good that I had her my last year of athletics.(: Go have fun&coach with your highschool coach!! We love you&will never forget the coach that made us a team.(:

Church; went to church EVERY sunday when we lived in my old town..but then we moved to this one, WHICH I LOVE, &never really got initiated into a church family. But we think we've found one now, &even though it's not ideal, the people love us to their core. That's good.(:

Boys; ehh. I like being single. Freedom is bliss. Hahaha. No, that's SO not the reason I'm single. I'm single because no guy has ever asked me out..&that's ohkay. Because I really don't mind being single. Haha. My best friend&friends are all I need to be perfectly content!(: I won't reject you if I haven't even met you, but I enjoy the single life.

Family; mom&dad happily married for 15years. Two sisters; Amanda *has one daughter with my brother in law, John* &Erin *has two boys, Shelby&Atticus with her ex*. Home is good. Family time is ohkay. In my room alone watching CSI: Miami is MUCH better..friends? Even better.(: I hang out with my sisters because I love them, plus I need out of this house every once in a while, you know?!

Pets; I have four dogs -- Nestle *she's an 8year-old chocolate lab that's FAT* Dot *6year old Corgi that thinks he runs the place..&he's like a foot off the ground* Molly *4year old anorexic (not really..but she's REALLY skinny..no matter how much we feed her..) neurotic short-haired border collie, but we love her!(:* &Saydee *8months old, as of now,&is a ball of fire. She's half anatolian sheperd&half border collie.*

-I talk to Jason almost everyday..something's up if we don't at least exchange texts off&on.
-I stay up late&sleep in late.
-My favorite quotes are from Eminem. *"I shoot for the moon, but I'm too busy gazin' at stars." (hence the URL) & "Haters can make like bees with no stingers&drop dead."
-I love food..which would explain why I'm fat. Lol.(:
-I'm a little pushy..&might be a tad bipolar. Lol. I don't know yet.
-I love blogging..it gets out all that CRAP I keep bottled inside..*but I do tell all of this to Jason..of course. Lol.*
-That chick's weave looked like ketchup. **inside joke..LOL.**

--Sincerely, your best friend.

"Haters can make like bees with no stingers&drop dead." -- Eminem.(: